This weeks LOW Special

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Okay, that sexy gal talked me into yet another sale for this week. (Well, it was a bit more than talking. *smirks*) Needless to say, here are my new Relax Fit “Takin it easy” slacks. You can get the brown color for just 69 $L.

With the hunt going on and all the bodies traipsing through the store for the free booty, I decided to drop the prices on many items. So take a trip back to the store and see what I am offering. You will not be disappointed at all.

Happy Hunting,


TPE Making News & Telling Secrets

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Fashion + Freebies for Men blogged our new Takin it Easy Slacks
Click here to see us in action

And our lovely Kayla blogged us on the Freebie Fashionista site as well. She certainly is to sexy.
See her blog entry here

During the Best Selling Creations Hunt, the Bush Shirt series and the Takin It Easy Relaxed Fit Slacks are discounted 99 $L. Don’t miss this chance to snap these secret in store specials up.


Premium Cards are here

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So you want to get an instant discount on all the newest products at TPE?

Premium Cards can be purchased in store or on Market Place. The higher the purchase, the more you SAVE.

10% discount on 5000$L cards – purchase price is 4500$L
8% discount on 2500$L cards – purchase price is 2300$L
6% discount on 1000$L cards – purchase price is 940$L
4% discount on 500$L cards – purchase price is 480$L


Sorry, due to this discount policy, premium cards can not be redeemed for linden.

If you happen to be shopping at TPE and I see you wearing your TPE Premium Card, I will give you special gifts and prizes!


TPE in other blogs

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The Crimson Beauty Shirt was featured in a sexy little post by Kayla.

Click here to see it now!


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Okay, I jumped in and joined a sales group…LOW – Letter Of the Week. This week is Wild for the letter and the price is 69 $L; tell me that doesn’t make you think wild things!!!  So I have put a SUPER discount on the first of the Centerfold Series. That’s right, you can get this baby for just 69 $L!!!!  That is a whopping 70% markdown. I tell you, it is amazing what a pretty girl with a wiggly rump can make a guy do!

Crimson Beauty

So, what are you wait for? Get over here to TPE or slide over to Market Place and grab this before her spell wears off and I come…….to my senses!

Centerfold Series

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Every manly man loves to look at the sexy ladies, especially when they are centerfold material. Now, TPE brings you our brand new Centerfold Series. Just like the magazines, each month we will give you a new sexy centerfold to admire and show off.

For April, we have the lovely Crimson Beauty for your viewing pleasure. You can see how we came up with the name, the crimson color of the shirt really sets off her beauty. You have to see this shirt on to get the full affect. As your body moves, so does the beauty. She moves in her own subtle dance, just for your pleasure.
TPE's Crimson Beauty
Come to TPE and pick up your own Crimson Beaut today. Also on Market Place.

Cute & Cuddly…WHAT?

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In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we are having a “Cute and Cuddly Sale”. Anything in the store that is cute and cuddly is FREE!!! Oh wait, I threw all that out when I moved in. But feel free to empty the dumpster out back if you want. *laughs loudly*

When you are through hauling off that crap, come grab one or more of the 5 new colors just created for the new manly Bush Shirt. You can buy them separate or in a fat pack and get the magenta color free!

NO, there is not a pink version of the bush shirt.

See you at TPE. You can always visit us on Market Place, too.

TPE’s First Creation!

Posted: April 8, 2011 by Kayla Bombastic in Clothing, New Release, ON Sale Now

I bring you TPE’s very first creation, the Bush Shirt in magenta. Since you are a man, I know what you are asking yourself. “Magenta? Is that a color?” Well, time for our manly education #1. Yes, magenta IS a color; a deep purplish red. And just because we aren’t calling it deep red, doesn’t mean it’s not still a manly man’s shirt.

This shirt is form fitting to show off your muscles in all the right places. It comes with a collar and cuffs, along with a shading affect to create perfectly placed wrinkles. The pockets and hand sewn buttons make it even more realistic. Everything is modifiable so you can size it for a perfect fit.

At 125$L, this shirt is a steal. All of the ladies will want to run their hands over your sexy torso when you wear the Bush Shirt.
I hope you enjoy your first TPE creation. Come back for more very soon.

What is TPE

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TPE is my little SL store.  Here is what you can expect to come.

SL is a shoppers paradise for all the lovely gals out there, but TPE is a store for MEN!

Sorry folks, no soft side here at all.  We are going to search out products that help men be MEN.

So no floral print or fru fru crap, just products that look good and show a man means business.

Hang on tight, this in gonna be one testosterone filled, fun ride.  Oh, and feel free to kick the flower toting bunny at  the door on your way in.

Thanatos Indigo – TPE Proprietor